1. In order to enter you will need to complete the online registration form above. 

  2. There are two cosplay competitions; A Junior (up to age 14yrs) and Senior (15+).

  3. On the day of the event visit Competition booth (located in the cosplay lounge) to receive you competition number. 

  4. Display your competition number somewhere where the judges can see it on your costume. 

  5. Make sure you speak with the judges located in the Cosplay Lounge and give an explanation about your costume.  

  6. There will be a cosplay parade commencing at 3:05pm. Meet at 3pm at Cosplay Meeting Point (located onsite map). We will parade a route through the event and finish at the main stage area.

  7. Juniors at 3:15pm will be called on to catwalk the main stage - prejudging will take place throughout the day and the top 3 winners will be announced. 

  8. Seniors 3:30 pm on main stage - prejudging will take place in the Cosplay Lounge throughout the day. The top 10 senior finalists will be notified via text message that they have been nominated as a finalist and can then prepare to take the stage for a 1 min skit and Q&A with the MC. The top three winners will then be announced. 

  9. Competition rules must be adhered to and the judges decision is final.


Some of the things our judges will be looking for: the standout costume, a combination of character portrayal and costume quality, good craftsmanship. All entries must represent a character or element from pop culture including comic books, movies, television, video games, anime & manga, and fantasy. The Cosplay Contest is a craftsmanship award show, with a catwalk display.

Please read here about our Cosplay Anti Harassment Policy.



  1. No profanity allowed on stage.

  2. Nothing must leave your person while you are on the catwalk. 

  3. All prop weapons must conform to the Central Coast Comicon Weapons Policy

  4. Only persons registered in the competition will have the opportunity to take the stage. Please assemble in front of and around atge area and wait for you name to be called.

  5. Do not enter or exit the catwalk except at the designated points.

  6. Each contestant may only enter one costume into competition.

  7. HAVE FUN!!!